23 February 2012

the forest

a long time ago
an old man was standing in the middle of the road
he wouldn't let me pass
he said girl this isn't your path to follow
you've gotta find a way to enter the forest alone

22 February 2012

los angeles

    There's an undeniable electricity in the air in Los Angeles. I always thought it was derived from the sacred energies of so many people engaged in the beautiful struggle of dream-chasing.. Talented and driven souls- actors and actresses, musicians, filmmakers, writers, directors.. Dream-chasers, relentless creators. I love that energy- that positive creative energy. People- men and women- with no time for drama or petty bullshit. Maybe I'm glorifying it, but from this distance and time spent away, that's what Los Angeles looks like to me. I miss that energy, and I really miss the ocean.  

    The other night I had a dream that I was living there again, but I was issued three parking tickets in the dream.  

19 February 2012

if i stay

there's a city that whispers to me in my sleep
with salt water breath, a million memories

if i stay in this room and never leave again
will i find an ocean of light inside?

18 February 2012


i see the way that people have started being cautious
with their actions, with their voices
so as not to offend the power
i don't like power
i don't like being cautious
what i need more than anything
is the freedom to be exactly who i am

15 February 2012

old soul

i vividly remember the moment we met
the way your eyes burned
like an old soul who had seen so much,
with so much more to see
and you didn't even know.

your eyes, they always burn.

take care of yourself
because i need you here in this world.

on sleepless nights

on sleepless nights like this
an ocean appears
on the insides of my eyelids
a rocky shore completely complete
with sound and everything-
the bittersweet hiss of saltwater droplets
splashing from stone to wind

this is what happens
on nights like this

13 February 2012

this is what happens

there's a place i'd rather be
but i can't figure out where it is
if i knew where it was
i'd be gone tomorrow
with a suitcase and a friend

this is what happens
when the walls are closing in

there's no place i'd rather be
another voice repeats
at odds with the other one
and so it goes
as the walls are closing in

this is what happens
when the walls are closing in