29 November 2007


in the hour of the rainstorm
he watched her walk away
in a flood of tears she was back again
but he knew she'd never stay

26 November 2007

for every

for every star that surrenders to our vision
in that inky shifting sky..
for every hour i'll name a reason,
a solution,.. an answer to your "why"

but words are nothing compared to willful abandon
and abrupt liberation
and the echoes of chains breaking..
chains forged in your mind, by fear in the disguise of security..
and broken with your mind
once you realized
the fear belongs to conformity.

someday you'll realize

and you'll add it to your long list of regrets

25 November 2007

to share their warmth

reluctant eyelids drift downward
the light of day gradually awakes
ambiguous sounds, less sporadic now,
become the voice of inevitable dawn

reluctant eyelids drift downward.

Unleashed upon your heart
was a beating you never asked for,
and bruises somehow remain...

A thousand and one miles away
a snowstorm blankets a tiny little desert town;
Wild deer huddle together to share their warmth.
Survival skills.

We have so much to learn.

reluctant eyelids drift downward
restless fingers twirl the colorful threads
soft and warm,.. and inhuman.

we have so much to learn.

everybody has a different path
try to forget, try to forgive
try to forget, try to forgive
constant reminders and conflicting emotions.
stop trying.
just stop trying.

reluctant eyelids drift downward
you envision your footsteps walking forward
in your mind
it's all in your mind
it's all in your mind

you close the curtain to prolong the night,
delaying the inevitable dawn

they sleep soundly, in peace, right now
huddled together to share their warmth

i have so much to learn
i have so much to learn.