20 October 2007


Do you ever listen to the wind in the trees? Not hear, I mean really listen? It makes me feel very small, but not insignificant. Just small. Comfortably small. I feel like I'm this little cell in a massive living organism, and the sound of the wind in the trees is the sound of blood flowing through enormous veins. Not a steady flow, but bursts and waves of varying intensity. Sometimes I think the wind is about to die down, but then it blows harder, and the leaves of the trees brush against each other more and more,.. That's my favorite part- anticipating a calm moment, yet chaos erupts instead. And the trees sway further. And the wind blows harder. Fragile leaves and branches fall,.. And the blood flows.

And someone is listening.
And billions of hearts are beating.
Small hearts.
Small, but not insignificant.