12 February 2007

misplaced puzzle piece

     When you were a kid and you were putting together one of those giant jigsaw puzzles-

     Did you ever have a puzzle piece that didn't quite fit? It came in the box. You wanted it to fit. You spent hours, if not days and weeks and months, years, trying to get that piece to fit. Blisters appeared on your fragile pink fingertips, tears streamed down your face. Hope would come, then go, then come again then go. It was such an incredibly beautiful puzzle piece and you wanted it to fit in your puzzle. You knew you'd find its place in your puzzle- with just a little more persistence and patience. But you never did. At what point did you give up? How much time did you spend trying to get that piece to fit? How much time did you waste? Or was it an invaluable learning experience- the determination, effort, and faith in the impossible. You didn't want to force it to fit- that might ruin your entire puzzle. But you wanted it to fit. You wanted to find its proper place because you just knew it fit somewhere in your puzzle.. It was such a beautiful piece- a uniquely abstract shape, beautifully contrasting and flowing colors. And the fact that it didn't quite fit in your puzzle made it even more intriguing. But you really wanted it to fit. But it never did.

     At what point did you give up?

     And what did you do with the puzzle piece once you realized it didn't fit in your giant jigsaw puzzle?