02 April 2006

artificial light

i choose to walk in the shadows tonight
though they're barely defined
by the pathetic sliver of cloud-covered moon
the orange glow of the faithful streetlight
lights the way
but i choose not to follow
it's just an artificial representation of the sun

hidden meaning applied to massive constellations
reaching to the stars for something of worth
billions of lonely wandering creatures
searching for solace in this madness on earth

can we walk through this maze without obsessing over the end?
constant anticipation
rats clawing and climbing, malling and running in the race
that is impossible to win;
or satisfaction with mere existence
without ever breaking free to live

there is no happy in medium
only numb satisfaction
balance is an illusion
it's all or none now,
all or none
live for black and white
or put your wishy washy faith in grey
or better yet, turn on your color television
and lock your neglected soul.. away

i stepped out of the shadows
but my shadow followed me home
so i found a big rock and launched it at the streetlight
to kill it's artificial glow