23 April 2006

artificial human nature

     There will never be another day like today. The way the sun heats, then burns your quarter-century-old flesh, the way the waves roll then peak then curl then break. The way the final breath of a dying wave, the tide, flows up to surround your ankles and drown your feet, as if its terminal ambition is to take you with it.... Until it's pulled back (or forward?) into the ocean for a glorious rebirth. It'll never happen like that again. Today is the only day.

     It's such a twisted mad world with its natural tendency towards chaos. Everything is falling apart. But we fight to hold it together, our animal instincts throwing survival mechanisms into overdrive. But what happened? At what point did human beings decide to start building skyscrapers, shopping malls, smokestacks, and shampoo factories? What went wrong? Living with the potential of our overactive oversized brains, did we get bored? Bored with Mother Earth as she was, did we want more and more and more? Yeah, I can relate.

     But maybe we created more of something that didn't really fulfill us. So then we still wanted more. And more and more. But instead of stopping and searching for something that would fulfill us, we proceeded to create more of the same unfulfillment. And more and more.. And so it continues. Exponentially.

     Such a mad twisted world with its natural tendencies and our artificial solutions.

     There will never be another day like today. The way the dawn threatened, slightly brightening this four-walled world, then becoming blinding reality in my insomniatic delirious state. Guess it's time to go to sleep..........